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Lobby Lewisham Council


  • Date: Wednesday 8th June
  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Venue: Catford Town Hall

The Lewisham Education Commission Report, due on June 1st is likely to be proposing, council supported Multi-Academy Trusts and Free Schools.

The shambolic handling of Sedgehill does not bode well for either students, teachers or staff at other Lewisham schools. Prendergast schools, defeated in their attempts to academise this time last year are clearly lining up to take advantage of new legislation.

But, there is no appetite for academies in the borough, teachers, students and other staff are determinedly against. Alongside this are the massive PFI costs any incoming academy would have to bear.

At a time when the Tories are on the back foot and when the national Labour Party are firmly opposed to academies this is not the time to roll over without a fight.

Support the Lobby of the Children and Young People Select Committee

Download the Leaflet for Lobby of Council

The Lewisham Education Commission Membership

A little digging into the composition of the Education Commission ….

Christine Gilbert is chair of the Lewisham Education Commission formerly led The Academies Commission, whose main output was the report, ‘Unleashing Greatness: Getting the best from an academised system’.

Robert Hill, is an educational consultant, on his blog he writes extensively on Academies, he has recently finalised a series of blogs to which “The intention is to build up a comprehensive guide on leading and running academy chains“.

David Woods is a visiting professor at Warwick University and chair of the London Leadership Strategy. Formerly, David was a senior education adviser at the Department for Education and chief adviser for London Schools and the London Challenge.

Michael Pain is Director of Forum Education. His most recent blog summing up the May 2016 ‘U-Turn’ was “it is Multi Academy Trusts – as well as a handful of innovative Teaching School Alliances (many of which are aligned with MATs) – that are best placed to provide the school-led improvement envisaged in the white paper.