Public Meeting – No more Academies in Lewisham


Lewisham Council is discussing the prospect of council supported Multi-Academy Trusts and Free Schools.

We are determined that this will not be the future for our children’s education or for our schools autonomy. We want locally accountable, creative & fully inclusive schools with qualified teachers for ALL our children.

We do not want our schools run by MATs – even if the MAT is encouraged or chosen by some local Councillors.

We see risks in this proposal that include schools becoming academies without a democratic decision by all parents and staff involved with each school and a tacit acceptance of the ideological narrative by government, that wholesale privatisation of education is neither desirable or acceptable.

The NUT will be taking strike action on 5th July over changes to their pay and conditions, we believe this will have a serious effect on recruitment and retention of high quality teachers, be they in local authority or academy schools.

The leaflet is available to download, please share


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