Parental Feedback Form – how biased is it?

We have written to the Chair of Governors with some Comments on the Parent Feedback Form carried out by a trained survey professional.

To: Christopher Barrow

At the Ladywell Fields consultation meeting, you expressed surprise that the Parental Feedback Form was considered biased.

We have sought the advice of a trained survey professional, and asked them to assess the feedback form on the normal criteria one would have when producing a questionnaire (attached).

As you know the campaign takes the view that the most effective and democratic way to elicit the views of parents, students and staff and other stakeholders is for a fully transparent independently organised ballot.

In the absence of this, we would urge you to (at the very least) amend the current feedback form so that it is transparent and unbiased taking on board the advice enclosed.


Stop Academies In Lewisham

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