Who to write to

Lewisham Council

Local Councillors

Ward Party Name Email Address
Brockley Labour Obajimi Adefiranye cllr_obajimi.adefiranye@lewisham.gov.uk
Catford South Labour Abdeslam Amrani cllr_abdeslam.amrani@lewisham.gov.uk
Crofton Park Labour Chris Barnham cllr_chris.barnham@lewisham.gov.uk
Telegraph Hill Labour Paul Bell cllr_paul.bell@lewisham.gov.uk
Forest Hill Labour Peter Bernards cllr_peter.bernards@lewisham.gov.uk
Sydenham Labour Chris Best cllr_chris.best@lewisham.gov.uk
Blackheath Labour Kevin Bonavia cllr_kevin.bonavia@lewisham.gov.uk
Downham Labour Andre Bourne cllr_andre.bourne@lewisham.gov.uk
Downham Labour David Britton david.britton17@hotmail.com
Ladywell Labour Bill Brown cllr_bill.brown@lewisham.gov.uk
Grove Park Labour Suzannah Clarke cllr_suzannah.clarke@lewisham.gov.uk
Brockley Green Party John Coughlin cllr_john.coughlin@lewisham.gov.uk
Sydenham Labour Liam Curran cllr_liam.curran@lewisham.gov.uk
Whitefoot Labour Janet Daby cllr_janet.daby@lewisham.gov.uk
New Cross Labour Brenda Dacres cllr_brenda.dacres@lewisham.gov.uk
Blackheath Labour Amanda De Ryk cllr_amanda.deryk@lewisham.gov.uk
New Cross Labour Joe Dromey cllr_joe.dromey@lewisham.gov.uk
Lewisham Central Labour Damien Egan damien.egan@lewisham.gov.uk
Grove Park Labour Colin Elliott cllr_colin.elliott@lewisham.gov.uk
Bellingham Labour Alan Hall cllr_alan.hall@lewisham.gov.uk
Ladywell Labour Carl Handley cllr_carl.handley@lewisham.gov.uk
Forest Hill Labour Maja Hilton cllr_maja.hilton@lewisham.gov.uk
Lee Green Labour Simon Hooks cllr_simon.hooks@lewisham.gov.uk
Bellingham Labour Ami Ibitson cllr_ami.ibitson@lewisham.gov.uk
Whitefoot Labour Mark Ingleby cllr_mark.ingleby@lewisham.gov.uk
Lewisham Central Labour Stella Jeffrey stella.jeffrey@lewisham.gov.uk
Ladywell Labour Liz Johnston-Franklin cllr_liz.johnston-franklin@lewisham.gov.uk
Brockley Labour Alicia Kennedy cllr_alicia.kennedy@lewisham.gov.uk
Crofton Park Labour Roy Kennedy cllr_roy.kennedy@lewisham.gov.uk
Rushey Green Labour Helen Klier cllr_helen.klier@lewisham.gov.uk
Lee Green Labour Jim Mallory cllr_jim.mallory@lewisham.gov.uk
New Cross Labour Paul Maslin cllr_paul.maslin@lewisham.gov.uk
Evelyn Labour David Michael cllr_david.michael@lewisham.gov.uk
Telegraph Hill Labour Joan Millbank cllr_joan.millbank@lewisham.gov.uk
Evelyn Labour Jamie Milne cllr_jamie.milne@lewisham.gov.uk
Grove Park Labour Hilary Moore cllr_hilary.moore@lewisham.gov.uk
Crofton Park Labour Pauline Morrison cllr_pauline.morrison@lewisham.gov.uk
Rushey Green Labour John Muldoon cllr_john.muldoon@lewisham.gov.uk
Downham Labour Olurotimi Ogunbadewa cllr_olurotimi.ogunbadewa@lewisham.gov.uk
Sydenham Labour Rachel Onikosi cllr_rachel.onikosi@lewisham.gov.uk
Evelyn Labour Crada Onuegbu cllr_crada.onuegbu@lewisham.gov.uk
Bellingham Labour Jacq Paschoud cllr_jacq.paschoud@lewisham.gov.uk
Perry Vale Labour John Paschoud john.paschoud@lewisham.gov.uk
Lee Green Labour Pat Raven cllr_pat.raven@lewisham.gov.uk
Lewisham Central Labour Joan Reid cllr_joan.reid@lewisham.gov.uk
Blackheath Labour Gareth Siddorn cllr_gareth.siddorn@lewisham.gov.uk
Whitefoot Labour Jonathan Slater cllr_jonathan.slater@lewisham.gov.uk
Catford South Labour Alan Smith cllr_alan.smith@lewisham.gov.uk
Telegraph Hill Labour Luke Sorba cllr_luke.sorba@lewisham.gov.uk
Catford South Labour Eva Stamirowski cllr_eva.stamirowski@lewisham.gov.uk
Perry Vale Labour Alan Till cllr_alan.till@lewisham.gov.uk
Forest Hill Labour Paul Upex cllr_paul.upex@lewisham.gov.uk
Rushey Green Labour James-J Walsh cllr_james-j.walsh@lewisham.gov.uk
Perry Vale Labour Susan Wise cllr_susan.wise@lewisham.gov.uk

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